Software is our Art Form

We believe in open-source technologies and transparent relationships with our clients.

"I think that language choice is not as important as all the other choices: if you have the right overall architecture, the right team of programmers, the right development process that allows for rapid development with continuous improvement, then many languages will work for you; if you don't have those things you're in trouble regardless of your language choice."

- Peter Norvig, Director of Research, Google

We were originally founded on the principal that development and design should be separated. Long before MVC frameworks were standard practice, we set out to focus on the backends of great websites. We found that too many firms were focusing on winning new business with great creative only later to deliver a great looking site that didn't scale, couldn't be maintained or was woefully insecure. We know because we are typically called in to clean up the mess. What's worse is our industry has been further tainted by overseas developers being pushed by smooth talking sales engineers who disappear after the project has started leaving a mess that again - we clean up.

We believe at the heart of every successful project is a total team, we call them wolfpacks, consisting of expert architects, senior developers and strong production support. We've evolved over the past 14 years but our original mission holds true in our process and our results.

Our Approach

Our approach defines us. Our approach is our company's mantra.


We maintain centralized small teams of people that are responsible for certain clients/projects that ensure a consistent knowledge share, specialized roles and serious productivity. These wolfpacks also join other packs to execute on special assignments (with a tight timeframe for example) or to blend skillsets and regardless of the size of the project we have multiple people working on it.

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