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The Johnny Cash Project is a global collective art project created by Radical Media. CROSCON worked alongside Radical’s digital team to develop and deploy the content management system and transcoding engine that allow users from around the world to participate in creating this one-of-a-kind music video.

The success of The Johnny Cash Project has been profound and in many ways has set a standard for quality in the user-generated-content (UGC) space. This award-winning site continues to live on and has garnered submissions from passionate contributors around the world.


Watch the video compiled with the highest rated frames or see a random selection of frames from around the world. You can also explore each individual frame and see a time-lapse of every brush stroke that created it.

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The site allows users to create a frame by tracing over individual eighth-of-a-second clips from rare Johnny Cash footage. Thousands of these contributions are managed by the CMS, while the backend is constantly transcoding unique videos as new submissions come in.

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