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Once a shipment of Oreos leaves the factory and is sent to distributors, what happens? That's what Kraft Foods wanted to track so they could have more control over their supply chain.

Our solution connected over twenty different distributors across the country with headquarters and extracted, transformed and loaded the sales data into the platform in real-time. The platform allowed both the sales team and the administrative team to monitor distribution, trends, marketing program performance and customer relations. Using our solution, their sales team quickly identified opportunities, increased sales and directly connected with their end customers.

Maximizing Sales

Real-time data from vending operators gave Kraft far greater transparency into the availability of products on a local level. Thus, their distribution team could respond to low inventory alerts faster.

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The marketing and sales team could now better establish trends in the demand and also anticipate increases based on regional or local marketing efforts to make sure that their best operators were well stocked at critical points in the year.

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