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"CROSCON has changed the game for MusicPro. They have taken us from a web site to a web based business system, eliminating costly operational complexity, saving our customers time and increasing our back office efficiency. MusicPro is poised to grow and we're thankful to CROSCON for helping us unlock our business' potential."

- Howard Girao | Manager, MusicPro Insurance

MusicPro Insurance is the preeminent provider of instrument and equipment insurance for more than 4,000 professional musicians. Before CROSCON, the business was essentially at capacity given inefficiencies in their back-office operations and legacy systems. MusicPro turned to us to audit their business and find key ways to improve profitability and grow their program. Following our discovery phase, we developed a modern platform to handle every facet of the business, eliminating the need for legacy systems and immediately improving the capacity of the program to more than 240,000 policies.



Policies Managed Automatically


Capacity Increase Through Automation

Automating Policy Administration

Before the new system, CSRs were spending over 10 minutes per new policy or renewal. By automating key workflow processes, it only takes seconds to review and bind a new policy. In addition, the new system also automates policy renewals, streamlining a once hectic time for MusicPro.

Efficiency Leads To Growth

The tremendous efficiency that CROSCON has helped MusicPro build back into its business has paved the way for future growth. We continue to support MusicPro by building even more advanced online tools that allow them to reach more professional musicians and accelerate their growth.