Panda Pages

The CMS so easy a caveman can do it

Panda Pages is a customizable open-source content management framework built by CROSCON with a clear goal in mind - simplify the process of managing your company’s website. This lean and powerful framework is an efficient and dare we say, fun way, to consistently manage your online presence. Panda Pages currently powers the websites of government associations, non-profits and corporate businesses. Contact the CROSCON team to receive a proposal about how Panda Pages can be customized for you.



Creating the most efficient CMS starts with understanding each of our client's unique work flow. Every business manages communicating with various groups including the public, the press, internal staff, etc. in different ways. By first establishing these patterns we can customize Panda Pages so that updating the content of your site is reduced to as few easily managed steps as possible - this is the essence of "action-based" content management.

No More Learning Curve

The evolution of Panda Pages was inspired by the many CROSCON clients who were overwhelmed by the multitude of features and functions that widely used open-source CMS solutions like Drupal & Joomla provided. Once lost under the weight of the very tool that was supposed to be making their lives easier, client after client have been raving about how the switch to Panda Pages has removed the learning curve.

Scalable & Proven

The Panda Pages framework has matured over the past 6 years and currently powers websites for major government associations, non-profits and corporate clientele. The core system has also been utilized in global sites for major Fortune 500 brands, some garnering millions of page views within weeks of their initial launch.


Too many open-source and enterprise content management systems attempt to house every element of functionality imaginable for a given website. The result is a system that offers more than a hundred unique options, even though the average administrator only needs to utilize 10% or so. That's why CROSCON focuses every Panda Pages deployment on the 5-10 most important modules necessary to run your website. This minimizes the complexity of the platform and all but eliminates the need for on-site training.