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The Relay Graduate School of Education (RGSE) is a revolutionary Master's program for teachers emphasizing online learning, among other unique teaching techniques. RGSE turned to CROSCON in need of an online video library (OVL) that was capable of managing their growing wealth of multimedia teaching materials, to act as a platform for sharing and editing video and to strengthen their online courses.

CROSCON worked alongside RGSE to customize a strategy for managing their media and associated metadata in a way that makes sense for their business. In addition, CROSCON architected a powerful, yet simple in-browser editing tool that allows professors and students to upload, edit and mash videos with ease on the web.

Unrivaled Content and Metadata Management

The RGSE curriculum is constantly adding exemplary teaching videos to their library and updating the associated metadata and usage history of each video. The OVL provides RGSE administrators the ability to manage the metadata without CROSCON’s intervention, allowing the library to stay up-to-date even as the model for organizing assets changes.

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Building Partnerships, While Controlling Access

RGSE can manage and add user roles within the OVL, allowing administrators to be responsive to new user roles while avoiding costly changes to the system’s infrastructure.

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CROSCON continues to build upon the OVL, making it one of the most advanced online multimedia libraries in the education field.



Terabytes of Multimedia Stored


Different Media Assets Managed