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"Premature optimization is the root of all evil in programming."

- Donald Knuth, Computer Scientist

Each application is unique in it's scalability pressure points. The first step in addressing scalability is to analyze the application, infrastructure and user patterns to put together the intel necessary to draw up a game plan. Our primary goals are to 1) support user growth and 2) decrease the response time of each request both in conjunction to deliver a better user experience. It's not surprising that with all of our scalability engagements we've seen 20-50% traffic jumps in pageviews which concludes that the faster your website, the longer users are going to stick around. We've designed and built-out custom computing clusters for companies worldwide and not only provide scalability assessments but also ongoing scalability management.

Real Results, Real Industries

  • Financial Services: We built a trading platform for a hedge fund capable of handling 500,000 ticks per second and 200,000 signals per second per node.
  • Oil & Gas: We designed a highly secure, military grade fault tolerant system to process, digitize and store the identification of over 40,000 applications per day totaling over 4 million participants.
  • Non-Profit/GetSchooled: We architected and deployed a custom cluster that supported the load of a 30-minute special across every VIACOM network for the GetSchooled initiative.
  • Copyright Protection: We pioneered the technology to protect copyrighted work on peer-to-peer networks on an infrastructure which sustained 11,000 attempts per second from 150 million monthly unique would-be pirates.
  • Automotive/Volkswagen: We architected the custom cluster that the Volkswagen Community platform was deployed. The cluster supported a country-wide aggressive advertising campaign supporting hundreds of thousands of unique visitors in a 4 hour window moments after launching.

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