Stack Secure

James Bond eat your heart out

Stack Secure is our approach to total security coverage. Through a combination of quarterly security audits, on site security appliances and monitoring, we can provide the highest level of security for your infrastructure and web application at a fraction of the cost of a full-time security hire.


360 Degree Coverage

Our approach is simple - to provide the highest level of security coverage. Our unique approach of combining audits, an on-site device and monitoring ensures that we approach security from three important vectors: 1) Quarterly 3rd-party audits ensure that your exposure to vulnerabilities is mitigated, 2) All traffic is inspected against our customized sensors to identify, track and escalate threats, and 3) Monitoring your network to ensure that all possible threats are investigated and properly handled.

Global Monitoring

StackSecure offers dynamic real-time intelligence to high profile networks and web services by profiling all global threats. When the most mission critical operations need 24/7 coverage, our security partners in Perth, Australia (13 hours ahead) handle all security alerts while we sleep because a few hours can be the difference in surviving an attack to your network.


Our audits use a blend of automated and manual approaches to identify weaknesses in all layers of your platform including the network, database servers, web servers and remote access points. Unlike other security products or services, we specialize in manual security audits that come with a simple guarantee - if we don't find a vulnerability then the audit is on us.

Spy v. Spy

Stack Secure offers dynamic real-time intelligence to high profile networks and web services by profiling all threats, creating a clear escalation path and identifying the "Who/What/Where" behind the attack to prevent disruption to your services. The old adage of "know thy enemy" couldn't be more true to network and web application security and Stack Secure provides the profiling services necessary to identify your attacker and shut them down.